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--------------------------------------------Tianluoshan Site Museum--------------------------------------------------

       Tianluoshan Site is located in the southeast coastal area of China, at the gate of Xiang’ao Village, Sanqishi Town, Yuyao City,  it is 24km away from Yuyao urban area in the west, 23km away from Ningbo urban area in the east, 7km away from Hemudu Site in the southwest.
     Tianluoshan Site is the settlement site that has been discovered with best natural environment and most complete underground relics in Hemudu culture,  in addition ,it has similar settlement size and at least similar era span to that of Hemudu Site and echoes each other at a distance with Hemudu Site in terms of the space.     




      In August 2004,  the People’s Govenment of Yuyao city invested a lot in building a protective ceiling over the excavation site, this has created very nice conditions for the archaeological research and open exhibition and can be called as pioneering work, a very significant role is right to make up for the regret that the ancient village remain origin is short at Hemudu Site Museum. This is an action of initiative significance in terms of the archaeological excavation and cultural relic protection cause of the Neolithic Age sites in China. 

        The public,  it does not only make the continued archaeological excavation free of  being exposed to the sun and rain,  but also greatly facilitates visitors’viewing on the archaeological excavation course and therefore the archaeological fruits shared by the society and even the interaction has been preliminarily realized. In all, to us morden people,  Tianluoshan site is a more complete and distinct scroll painting of  the  life of Hemudu culture ancestors.